Subway Surfers Review (Joc Android testat pe Evolio Aria) – – testeaza pe tableta Evolio Aria jocul Subway Surfers, un joc similar cu Temple Run, gratuit in Play Store.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

cover of the REM song from the album Double Live
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 thoughts on “Subway Surfers Review (Joc Android testat pe Evolio Aria) –

  1. I remember taping the Surfers at the Mean Fiddler in the early ’80′s, Gibby got hit with a flying glass and crashed off-stage only to fire back on seconds later with a blood soaked towel wrapped round his head ! A truly astonishing gig, and one of the best bootlegs I ever did.!

  2. I wondered about that thing too, but on then it occured to me… As they say in the old movies, perhaps there are things in this world we were not meant to know.

  3. apparently so. they sprayed “micheal stipe, despite the hype , we’d still suck your pipe” on thier van that was parked across from his residence. so the story goes.

  4. they did stalk R.E.M for a while in 85-86 while recording rembrant pussyhorse in atlanta georgia the butthole surfers asked peter buck if him and his band wanted to come and hang peter buck didn’t show up cause he thought they were freaky and wierd

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